Permanent Staffing

RDSoft is committed to identifying and recruiting the highest quality candidates. Our recruitment consultants research, identify and recruit candidates based on the specific position description provided by our clients. Over 90% of the candidates we present to our clients are not actively on the job market, they certainly are not responding to job ads, nor are they searching the web for interesting job opportunities. Our approach is to present a pool of candidates who are otherwise unavailable to you.

RDSoft successfully matches people with skill set requirements of job position, candidate’s career objectives and client’s corporate culture. Our recruiters thoroughly evaluate communication and personal skills of candidates and present candidates who match your project requirements.

We offer executive search in the following areas :

  • Software Application Development
  • Application Maintenance Services
  • Software Support, Helpdesk Services
  • Open Source Software Implementation
  • Managers, Consultants, Systems Administrators
  • Telecom, Networking, Embedded Systems
  • ITES, BPO & Call Center Services
  • Banking, Insurance, Financial Services
  • Manufacturing, Engineering, Operations
  • Marketing, Sales, Support Functions

Temporary, Contract Staffing

Temporary and contract workers can create a positive impact on organizations looking for short term resource and specialist skills. The flexibility, experience, knowledge, skills and expertise of contract workers are core drivers in the success of many companies.

We rigorously test and screen candidates before we recommend them to clients. This means you can get cover immediately while ensuring that the candidate has the right skills for the job. Major benefit of hiring a temporary / contract candidate is the opportunity not to commit to a permanent staff position until you are sure.

RDSoft is delivering Temporary and Contract Staffing Services across a number of disciplines and industries. We continually develop our services to suite the dynamic needs of our clients and candidates. With a robust infrastructure, access to leading edge technologies and highly skilled people we have the flexibility to provide individual workers or an entire project team to our clients.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Contract-to-Hire services benefit our clients and the temporary employee who is seeking long term employment. This gives our candidates the chance to prove that they are hardworking, reliable and a real asset to your company, while giving you time to evaluate their impact on your business before you commit to a permanent staff position.

The candidate interviews, screening and recruitment process are comparable to that of a temporary employee, however the candidates potential and desire for a permanent position with your company is additionally qualified prior to beginning an assignment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Features

RDSoft’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services provides our clients an entire recruitment infrastructure – the people, process, technology and resources. Our clients will benefit from a hiring process that is more predictable, consistent and efficient. We will improve our client’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool and provide verifiable metrics. We have been consistent in achieving good ROI for our clients.

The outsourced recruiting activities can include sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, coordinating offer letters, and orientation.

For some clients, we provide the entire functions of an internal recruitment department. For others, our team works alongside the existing internal recruiting team to augment the company’s hiring capacity.

PEOPLE – Our recruiters are highly experienced, has in-depth knowledge of the industry, marketplace they support and have excellent contact network.

PROCESS –We will work with client’s HR and operations team to integrate our recruitment process with client’s internal processes for consistent delivery.

RESOURCES – Our team brings everything for successful recruitment process – research tools, resume databases, job board contracts, background / reference checking, access to our proprietary career network with ability to generate referrals from vast professional talent pool.

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